Don't Blink... | Tween Session Experience, Kansas City Family Photographer

Before you know it, she will want to ditch those overalls & braids and go for mascara and heels. The carefree days of running barefoot in the grass at the park will be behind her, as she asks you to take her shopping at the mall and stay close, but not too close. Those sweet little eyes will soon roll at your requests and she will crave independence and freedom. But not just yet...

For a little while still, she will be young. Lying outside on a park bench, she still looks at the clouds and sees teddy bears and turtles. Maybe even a unicorn or fairy...because they're real, you know. In just a couple of years, ten will become thirteen and then thirteen will become sixteen. The days of her innocent little smiles and daydreamy gazes are the here and now.

That's why this is the perfect time to give her the gift of a special day all to herself, to be the center of attention and model-for-a-day. Perhaps you might treat yourselves to breakfast, go for a walk or shopping, or maybe go out to lunch, then come to the Studio Loft for a special Tween Session. Not just for girls, either! Boys would love a day just for them. Bring a couple of changes of clothing, a small prop or two, and let me pamper your child and make them feel special. What's the bonus? They think it's all about them, when it's also for you, too. I will design a custom cover, photo book of your son or daughter using images you choose from their session, and they will get a Mobile App for their phones so they can show all their friends. The best part is the memory you and your child will have of the day spent together. What a treasure!

The Tween Session Experience is a premium customized session, which will take place either at the Studio Loft in Olathe, or a Kansas City area location of your choice. As mentioned above, in addition to the premium session, you will receive a 12x8 hardbound photo book with personalized photo cover and magazine-style pages, and your son or daughter will receive a custom Mobile App of their images for their phone. The session, the book, and the app have a value of over $670. These sessions are being offered for a limited time at an all-inclusive price of $399. This would make an amazing birthday gift idea, or simply "just because". Bring a friend and you each get $50 off.

How to book:

These sessions will only be offered until November 1, 2016. Session spaces are limited. To book your child's session, please call me at 913-219-3167 or email me at and set up a complimentary consultation. This brief appointment will allow you, your child, and me to meet and get to know a little about one another. It's important that I get a feel for their personality and what styles they prefer, plus it gives you both a chance to look over the book, see the studio, and get an idea of what you will be receiving. I look so forward to meeting with you and your child, and giving them this little boost of self-esteem during such a tough stage. It will be loads of fun & an experience to remember!